Honeymoon Beauty: 3 Tips for Keeping Your Skin Flawless on the Plane

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The last thing your skin wants right after your wedding is to pile on more makeup. You want to give your skin a little bit of a treat by taking it easy on the makeup and focusing on revitalizing after a long weekend of wedding stress and happy late nights. But what if you’re immediate post-wedding destination is a honeymoon-bound, skin-drying plane? It’s time to up the ante on the skincare and give your face an in-flight experience you’ll thank us for when you go makeup free all honeymoon long.

Misting Is Your Best Flight Friend
The secret to perfect skin post plane? Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Drinking plenty of water on the plane is a must, but for even dewier skin, make sure you’re moisturizing throughout your flight. A lightweight formula like H20 Skindrink will cool and refresh your skin for the long haul. You can’t go wrong with a Hydrating Milky Mist ($15) for added freshness mid-air. Spritz on the plane, and right before you land, and your honeymoon photos will never betray how long your flight was.

Nourish Overnight
If your honeymoon destination begs for an overnight flight, there’s nothing like a sleep mask to get you through the long haul. A Nourishing Sleep Mask ($22) will make your red eye flight look like a thing of the past. Want to arrive with that bridal glow intact? Add a dollop of Pixi’s concentrated Hydrating Milky Serum ($24) for an added boost of nourishment that will have you looking radiant upon touch down.

Upon Landing
Fastening your seatbelt, and bringing your seat back to its upright position aren’t the only things you should consider as your plane makes its way to your destination. Add another layer of that wonderful hydrating mist to ensure hydration, and make sure your eyes don’t betray how long your flight was. Pack an eye roller in your carry-on (we love Pixi’s 24K Eye Elixir, ($22) to banish any sign of puffiness or fatigue, your bag will be waiting for you at baggage claim, not under your eyes! A swipe of highlighter on your cheekbones and just a hint of lip color (the MultiBalm works for both!), and you’re ready to enjoy the romantic honeymoon of your dreams.

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