5 Hairstyle Ideas for Brides With Short Hair

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Figuring out how to wear your hair on your wedding day might seem like a simple task, but brides-to-be know that it can be an extremely stressful decision. It’s especially challenging for those with shorter hair, since there are seemingly less options, what with all those towering updos and cascading waves taking up the pages of wedding blogs and magazines everywhere. However, Dennis Ramirez, expert stylist at Brighton Salon in Beverly Hills, completely disagrees. In fact, he argues that short hair for your big day can be even more fun and creative than traditional long locks. With the rise in popularity of bobs and lobs, shorter hair has never been more en vogue, so brides should definitely embrace it!

Here are five simple looks Ramirez believes are sure to be both eye-catching and glamorous for any bride on her special day.

1. Retro
There’s nothing more classic than old Hollywood glam on your wedding day. “Finger waves are head turning, striking, and glamorous. They add a soft feminine touch that’ll blend beautifully with any bridal style,” says Ramirez. First, shampoo, condition, and prep your wet hair with a strong brushable gel, such as Oribe’s Gel Serum. Then, with a fine tooth comb, comb the hair starting from the top of the head forward. Pinching the hair with your fingers, form a hard ridge, and then pin and work your way down the head. Once fully dry, lightly brush through for a softer look or leave untouched for a classic ’20s style.

2. Jewelry & Decorative Accents
For shorter cuts, Ramirez suggests dressing your hair up with hair accessories. But don’t forget the prep before placing on a tiara or bejeweled comb. “Using a light oil such as Shu Uemura Essence Absolute for moisture and shine, lightly texturize or sleek the hair down, prepping for the perfect accessory,” he says.

3. Braids

“Opting for bigger, looser braids will give a bride a soft angelic look,” says Ramirez. Making the look looser also adds volume where your hair needs it most. “Waterfall braids, fishtails, inverted, any shape is achievable on short hair! Oh, and there’s an extra bonus: When braided hair is combed out, any hair type will have an amazing texture for an easy second look.”

4. Chignon
A chignon is a classic style that totally works well on shorter hair. “Short hair can be easily teased, shaped low or high, or even pulled to the side,” Ramirez comments. Just remember to use bobby pins!

5. Top Knot
A high, loose messy bun is perfect for a low-maintenance bride that doesn’t want a traditional style. Using a ponytail or bun as a base, wrap the rest of your hair around elegantly. “This brings attention to the bride’s veil, eyes, and makeup,” says Ramirez. Don’t forget to secure any loose shorter hairs that may fail in the back with hairspray and bobby pins.

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