BRIDES Chicago: Photographer-Recommended Spots for Capturing the Perfect Chicago Skyline Photo

Chicago Skyline Wedding Photos

Photo: Angela Shae

With limited time to take photos before the reception, you and your fiancé must choose your photo locations wisely. On most couples’ shot lists? The new Mr. and Mrs. with the stunning Chicago skyline in the backdrop. Here, five of Chicago’s top wedding photographers share their favorite spots to capture those coveted views.

Photographer: Olivia Leigh Photographie
Favorite Location: Wrigley Building
When most photographers flock to the lakefront, Olivia Leigh stays away from the traffic and overwhelming crowds. Instead, she beelines to locations that capture the city’s urban appeal. “One of my favorite spots is the Wrigley Building,” she says. “The mix of skyscrapers and classic architecture makes for a beautiful, iconic photo backdrop, and it has easy parking for trolleys and limos.” Plus, the lighting here is usually near perfection whereas lighting on the lake tends to be a bit harsh, she adds. Her next picks are the South Pond area of the Lincoln Park Zoo and Millennium Park. “I used to think it was cliché, but over the years I have grown to love this spot,” she says. “It’s also gorgeous at night when the city lights come alive!” Read real brides’ reviews here!

Photographer: Lilly Photography
Favorite Location: Kinzie Street Railroad Bridge
Jiho Park of Lilly Photography favors the city views from the Kinzie Street railroad bridge. “It’s one location in the city that offers more interesting shots than just the bride and groom standing in front of a skyline,” Park says. Plus, it captures the essence of Chicago with the river and the Willis Tower in the background, made even more beautiful at the right time of day. “During the golden hour, you can’t beat the beautiful flare created by the reflections off the buildings,” Park says. Read real brides’ reviews here!

Photographer: Julia Franzosa
Favorite Location: Milton Lee Olive Park
Brides, rest assured: The long walk toward wedding photographer Julia Franzosa’s top photo destination will be worth it. Once you’re out on Milton Lee Olive Park, a man-made peninsula that sits in between Navy Pier and Ohio Street Beach, you’ll understand why. “The main path is beautiful and tree lined,” she says. “The park runs parallel to the city, so it also offers an incredible skyline view that’s different from anywhere else.” Read real brides’ reviews here!

Photographer: Dawn E. Roscoe
Favorite Location: North Avenue Beach Pier
For that quintessential Chicago photo, head out to the pier that jets off of North Avenue Beach. That’s Dawn E. Roscoe’s number one pick for the skyline photograph. From there, she’ll capture you and your new husband in front of a sampling of the city’s most famous architecture, from the historic Drake Hotel to the towering John Hancock Center. Insider tip: Spring, fall, and winter brides should consider it a must stop. “That’s when the lakefront area is empty, and you have the whole place to yourselves,” Roscoe says. Read real brides’ reviews here!

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A photo posted by Angela Ren??e (@angela_renee) on Jun 20, 2015 at 8:38am PDT

Photographer: Angela Renée
Favorite Location: North Avenue Beach
For Angela Renée, there’s no better place to capture stunning shot after stunning shot than North Avenue Beach. “There are areas just on the edge of the lake as well as a few hills for couples willing to get a little sand in their shoes,” she says. Whether the backdrop is a calm view of Lake Michigan or the city in the distance, she says the location offers a variety of angles all in one spot. Read real brides’ reviews here!

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