The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Hair Removal Guide

pre-wedding hair removal guide

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While it’s true that most wedding gowns go all the way down to the floor and bridal legs are rarely exposed, that’s no excuse for less than smooth legs (or, ahem, other areas as well). Whether you’re dreaming of glistening, pristine honeymoon legs, eyebrows on fleek (is “fleek” even still a thing?) or you have other, more intimate hair removal goals — there are a few golden rules for seamless pre-wedding hair removal.

There’s a Reason They’re Called Professionals
You don’t have to go it alone! While drugstore aisles are filled with do it yourself kits, strips, and creams, you really don’t want to mess around if you’re less than experienced, especially before your wedding day. Professional technicians, estheticians, and beauticians do this for a living — so trust them on this one.

Whether you’re lazering, waxing, or tweezing moisturized skin is key. Plain and simple, the right moisturizer increases skin quality, appearance, and resiliency. Because of this, you should be following a moisturizing routine religiously prior to embarking on a hair-removal adventure. Just be careful and follow your professional’s recommendations for pre and post hair removal application.

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Take an Over-the-Counter Pain Reliever
As long as you have no medical concerns or contraindications, taking a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory or NSAID can help with pain, inflammation, and redness post-hair removal. For best results, it’s recommended to take it 45 minutes prior to your hair removal endeavors. We recommend taking this with a full glass of water too, to stay hydrated!

SPF — Always
It’s a no brainer that you should protect yourself from the sun at all times — but this is especially important for soon to be hair removers. If skin is sunburned or reddened, your skin will be EXTRA sensitive to hair removal, and if you opt for laser hair removal — you will be more likely to burn or suffer hyperpigmentation. No bueno.

Avoid a Certain Time Of Month…
Avoid getting layered, tweezed, waxed, threaded, etc. the week before your menstrual cycle. Science and biology prove that during this time, hair follicles can swell and become more inflamed than usual, and redness can stick around longer. Specifically, fluctuating hormones also often result in increased sensitivity to pain and irritation. While hair removal isn’t typically a walk in the park, going during this peak time can make it extra unpleasant, and who needs that?

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