Top 20 DIY Energy Saving Tips

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. Water heating accounts for a large amount of energy consumption in a household. By using an insulating jacket to insulate your water heater, you can reduce heat loss by 25% – 40%.

2. For every degree you lower your thermostat in the winter, you can save approximately 3% in energy cost. You should also try lowering the heat as everyone leaves for the day and just before going to bed.

3.  Lower the temperature a degree or two before guest arive.A house full people generates a lot of heat. 

4.The average household currently spends 11% of it’s energy budget on lighting. Therefore, one of the fastest ways to save energy is to update your lighting with energy saving light bulbs.

5. It takes a significant amount of energy to heat the inside of a dishwasher. Therefore, you should air dry dishes instead of using your dishwashers drying cycle.

6. Skip pre rinsing dishes. You could save up to 6500 gallons of water per year.

7. Opt for the cold-water wash cycle and save about $ 60 a year.

8. Upgrade to a low-flow toilet and save 4,000 gallons a year.

9. When not in use, unplug electronics and appliances. Electronics and appliances consume power even when they are turned off or in stand-by mode.

10. Plug electronics into a power strip so that you can turn them off all at once.

11. Look for gaps in the gasket that seals your refrigerator door shut. Simply run your hand around he outside of the door. If you find areas that have cold air escaping, this is wasted energy.

12. Clean the coils behind and under your refrigerator to keep it running efficiently.

13. Don’t overload the dryer. Clothes will take longer to dry, and they will come out wrinkled. Also, when the weather is warm, you should line dry.

14. Clean or replace furnace filters monthly during heating season. Clogged filters force the blower to work longer, raising your electric bills.

15. Lower water-heater temperatures to 120 degrees from 130 degrees and insulate hot-water pipes to knock up to 5 percent off of your energy bills.

16. Control outdoor lights with sensors or timers so that fixtures stay off durning the day.

17. Install a high-efficiency shower head. It will reduce hot water, use by up to 50 percent.

18. Get comfort from your ceiling fan. In the summer, it should turn in the counter clockwise direction.

19. Make sure that your windows and doors are weather stripped in order to prevent air from leaking out of your home.

20. Upgrade your appliances. If just one in ten homes used Energy Star qualified appliances, the change would e equal to planting 1.7 million new acres of trees.

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