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Every year you happen to attend at least five marriages and if you happen to live in a city like New Delhi with a such thick population you can expect this number to go much higher. I remember the last time I had been to a marriage one of my friends elder brother marriage, which was in the town itself and as my friend had instead to so much I, could not ignore. The reception, which was not very far off my place, looked very beautiful. It is not that I have not been to many marriages or it was the best I had been but I have known my friend for a long time and at least long enough to know how careless he has been most of the time. Moreover, when someone with such a bad reputation comes up with such a wonder full marriage plan it is a pleasing surprise. Well I may not give much credit to his elder bother as I know he must have been busy with the rituals himself thus making it quite difficult for him to look in to the decoration.

Well the question arise how could he arrange things on his own. After all, we are humans, we all have weakness, and my friend is no exception. I knew he would never tell me the secret behind it. It coasted me a bottle of wine and now I know the secret. Wedding Planner, as far as my understanding goes weddings planner are very expensive and they cater only high budget marriages. So I did not buy his reason, but when I saw the bills and description of the arrangements I was shocked to see what said was true. So my guess for the wedding planner was incorrect they not only cater middle class marriages but also make them a pleasing experience which not only makes you pride of your marriage but also makes you to enjoy every bit of marriages. After all who does not wants to enjoy with his/her family. Well I would thus suggest you to make a wise call as my friend did, Marriage is a crucial time an we all are bound to get busy with the rituals and so we should get the try to get some help a professional help and hat is where Wedding Planner come in to picture and help us to make our family marriage to a moment that will make us remember it for ever.

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