Planning A Wedding On A Small Budget

Wedding Day is one such happy moment for a couple that is special, but at the same time requires much money management. So if the budget is planned before the occasion then the one can avoid a fair share of tensions associated with arrangements and enjoy this important event in their lives.

The most crucial issue is how to plan an arrangement within the tight budget. Well, it’s not that difficult and just requires little strategy. Planning for a marriage is somehow also related to priorities. Jot down your plans, prioritize them & choose accordingly and then work upon them to make the best.

Planning a budget before hand also saves the person from over spending. But, planning should not remain just on paper. It has to be followed to make it a success. There are few steps discussed below that can help you in Planning a Wedding in the smartest manner within a tight budget.

Step One:

Sit down with your friends and family and figure out the things that you want. It would be better if every person makes their separate list of what is more important. Don’t make a lengthy list; in fact keep it short to save time by only writing what is important. After making the list, match the common things that are important from every one’s perspective and write them on a fair sheet, and keep all the other things in the ‘extras’ list’.

Step Two:

The next step is to decide on the things that are not so important and how the wedding can be managed even without them. Some of the things can be Open-Bar, Extra Menu, types of flowers, etc. Therefore, decide on their substitutes or cancel them and you would be ready with your master list.

Step Three:

Next is the invitation list that is to be focused upon. Make a list of the guests you would want to invite. Now cut it short by cancelling the ones you have not interacted to in the recent past. Also try and cut the list to half by putting some of the people in the ‘Extra’s List’. Make one Master invitation List to get a fair idea of the number of guests you would be inviting.

Step Three:

Looking at the above lists, you can estimate your budget for the two most important things and then work upon the other arrangements like, food & beverages, decorations, venue, parking, etc.

Once all the lists are made and rough estimate is calculated, you can start with the preparations as you know have a master budget to work with. Call around different Shops, Dealers, Wedding Planners in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island & others and compare the prices on the offered products or services to opt for the best deal. Rest depends upon your smartness. So just play smart and cut on the budget efficiently.

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