Important Feature Of Planning a Wedding

We have seen a rise of wedding planners in India and with time more wedding planner are expected to join this booming industry of Indian Marriage. I was wondering how come such a huge change has come in the Indian Marriage. After lot of fact finding, and input from many wedding planner I was able to find few key feature that has not only made Wedding Planner a smashing hit in India but has laid a foundation of a new concept as how people look at the wedding planner.

We all know Wedding planner are come with a whole package of services and help us ease our pressure, but that not all there is a lot more that helps us to in conducting the marriage in way we always wanted it to be. I would share a small experience that actually helped me understand what a marriage planner is and what is all the fuss about planning a wedding. I was travelling to Agra on a small official tour; I learnt the gentleman sitting next to me was a wedding planner and was busy calling every one on the phone taking status of every thing. I could not help my self and I ended up asking him does the wedding planner works, He smiled a, that is quite acceptable as any one of would have if asked about our jobs and then he started with small example, we all want to reach the manufacturer. And then explained when you want to buy a Reebok Shoes where would you buy it from a shop that says Reebok or the one that says Reebok Factory Outlet? , I was quick to answer Factory Outlet as it would have cheap rates and more variety. And I guess most of would go for the same option. And then he said we work on the same concept. We allow you to relax and we reach the manufacturer by ordering the mass services and thus transferring a small part of discount to our client. As an example he showed me rates of a caterer that he had booked for a whole month thus enjoying a discount and then told me the caterer would have charged a huge amount if booked for a day or two so I make a discount and transfer a small amount to the clients. This was a win-win situation for all client escaping a huge price caterer getting assuredly pay for the whole month and Wedding planner making his business, I was impressed.

Bravo was the word I could use for him as he has brought services not only cheaper but had made sure his client did not have to run all over the city for getting the work done. God Job Wedding Planner’s. 

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