Top Tips for Planning a Summer Wedding


Summer is the perfect season for a wedding. Offering the best weather (hopefully) and the longest days, you can enjoy a fantastic celebration with all your friends and family. However, there is still plenty that needs to be planned in order to ensure the perfect day.


Your venue often tops the list of priorities. Without securing a beautiful location to tie the knot and to enjoy an evening of festivities, you simply won’t have a wedding. During the summer months you can look to secure a venue that offers a combination of indoor and outdoor settings. This way you can enjoy the warmer weather, but also account for any rain that might impact your day.


Many people are now choosing to get married outdoors, either in the grounds of a grand manor or in an equally picturesque country setting. If you’re looking to do this, it is important that you provide adequate shelter. Most choose to use some form of marquee to hold the ceremony and even cocktails afterwards. Again, this will protect guests from any inclement weather and also from the sun’s rays at all times.


So one top tip is to always make sure that your wedding venue is flexible enough to cater for all conditions and any possible eventuality.


Of course it’s your special day, but you have to consider your guests’ requirements too. So always look for venues with easy access and nearby accommodation for those travelling distances. You don’t want to have any upsets on your wedding, so by discussing these requirements with the venue you can find solutions to potential problems before they happen.


The warmer temperatures can play havoc with your clothing choices. Many grooms might prefer to wear something lighter than a traditional three piece suit with tails; brides will also need to consider dress choices, particularly if they are susceptible to heat. So it’s worth bearing in mind, even if you’re having your fittings done in the middle of winter.


Weddings are often themed or incorporate certain aspects from the season. As such your floral arrangements and colours may need to take into account the time of year. Your menu may also need to accommodate for lighter bites. Whilst a full roast dinner would be fantastic in December, it might not be what you’re looking for on a July afternoon (or vice versa if you’re in the southern hemisphere). 


So don’t forget to take into consideration the kind of seasonal fare that is available. To have a truly summery wedding, you need to consider the many small things that go into creating the perfect atmosphere.


Of course there are also all of the other bits and pieces that will always need to be arranged. Entertainment is high up on the list for many. Again, you might well have the opportunity to plan some outdoor activities or events for guests to get involved with. But you should also consider music for when the evening rolls in and whether you prefer a DJ or a live band.


Choosing where to take your photographs should be easier too. With outdoor and indoor possibilities, you can work with your photographer and the venue to work out where everyone should be and where those special pictures can be taken. Fortunately, if you hire a professional they should be able to provide you with plenty of assistance so you won’t be left shouldering the burden.


So whether you’re looking to do a full on traditional white wedding or something a little different, the summer provides a fantastic array of opportunities and challenges. There’s plenty to organise and a great deal will depend on the scale of your event, as well as what you’re planning to do. The best advice is to get everything booked and fitted early, reducing your stress as you come up to the big day.



Vincent Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for many UK businesses. He recommends Fred and Ginger for Bridal Underwear.

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