Your Big Day: Planning Your Wedding

How to plan a great wedding

With so many things to consider, your wedding plans can easily spiral out of control. Making a full list of all aspects you need to deal with should be your first step. A good idea is to buy a notebook or folder to put all your booking information, paperwork, ideas, magazine cut-outs, business cards etc in. This will help you keep everything in one place and you will be able to cross off the checklist as you go more easily.

Below are some of the basic things to note down, of course every bride-to-be will have different requirements but you will start with the same first items:




Wedding dress (you will no doubt spend a lot of time trying on many styles before settling on one you like, so you should do this quite early in the planning process. You will also have to go in for a few fittings to make sure you have the perfect fit).
Bridesmaid dresses, shoes and jewellery
Mother of the bride dress, shoes and jewellery



Best man’s suit + shoes



Reception venue
Marriage venue
Food and drinks



Music (band/DJ)
Rings (bride and groom)
Guest book
Seating place cards
Wedding favours

Emergency kit for the bride (hairbrush, deodorant, perfume, safety pins, water, aspirin and other items which might be necessary during the day/evening).


Make sure you plan well ahead of time and that you do your research when you are choosing each item. If you want a particular photographer, DJ or baker for your big day then don’t wait till the last minute to ask – you will no doubt end up disappointed.

Have a look at online websites as they will give you inspiration and advice on all the options available to you when planning your big day. You will also be able to find checklist templates to help you on your way.

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Kerrana McAvoy
Academic Director – Start Learning
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