Winter Wonderland Streamer Birthday Decorations

Wonderland Streamer Birthday Decorations

For many children the winter is filled with snow, building snowman, sledding, making snow angels, snow days off from school, and of course, everyone’s favorite snowball fights! However, there are children who live in warm climates and have never even seen snow so having a winter wonderland birthday party is a treat! Do not worry mom and dad we are going to help you with some ideas for your winter wonderland streamer birthday decorations.

Streamers are the perfect decoration they come in an assortment of colors they are thin and easy to work with you can hang them, cut them, and make almost anything out of them. For your winter wonderland streamer birthday decorations we are going to suggest you get plenty of white streamers after all you are going to be turning a green area into a sparkling white one. You can of course, use any other color streamers you want for decorations as well what we are going to share with you in the article is how to make a winter scene to have your party in.

The first thing you want to do is turn that room or outdoor area into winter! This is easily done buy outlining the entire party area in white streamers so let us say you are using a room in side your home – cover the walls and ceiling with the white streamers. Leave the floor alone because you do not want anyone to slip and fall. You can even add a touch of rainbow colored glitter to the streamers before you hang them up.

Now, for an even bigger but must have item you are going to create a snowman you can use extra large Styrofoam balls and cover them in the white streamers be sure to have your two button eyes, carrot nose and a pipe. This will make a great place for each child to have their picture taken.
You may also want some snowballs to surround Frosty use smaller Styrofoam balls covered in white streamers for this project.  

The last decoration made of white streamers we are going to look at is snow! Yes, making the snow and cleaning it up can be a chore but if you want a genuine winter wonderland party you need the snow. Use a whole puncher or a snowflake punch and make hundreds of little snowflakes place them all in a medium or large size clear bag, cover the bag in white streamers and attach it to the ceiling. You will need to attach a rope to the part you closed so that when you pull the rope(s) all the little snowflakes will trickle down on the guests. We suggest waiting until the end of the party to do this it will be a very nice and unexpected (if you can keep it a secret) ending to an unforgettable birthday party. These are only the basic ideas you can use for a winter wonderland streamer birthday decorations.

Jane Morris is an author of 2 books on how to make paper flowers using crepe paper or tissue paper and an avid crafter using many different mediums such as streamers etc. Check out the website at:
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