Tips for DIY Basement Waterproofing

If you have a moist or leaking basement you might be looking for tips on how to waterproof your basement. Regardless of the nature of your problem, you will find several valuable tups on you get started with your DIY basement waterproofing task.

Rain Gutters – These should be cleaned on a yearly basis to get rid of the accumulated debris and old leaves. Check for the downspouts to adequately direct water runoff to a discharge location as far as possible from the roof. Placing a splash block at the bottom of the downspout can prevent soil erosion.

Dehumidifiers – Try to get the best possible dehumidifier which is available on the market and which you can afford. The device will reduce your basement’s humidity and will also keep away dampness. Check for the dehumidifier to be adequate for the size of your basement.

Windows – It is recommended for the doors and windows of the basement to be kept closed year round. If they are open, dampness and extra moisture will get in, leading to condensation, which can affect floors and walls. It will also be extremely difficult for the dehumidifier to take care of that extra humidity caused by the open doors and windows.

Waterproofing Products – As you try to maintain a leaking and moisture free basement, you can also try out such waterproofing products for the basement as paints and sealers. Numerous top quality and user-friendly products are widely available on the market. Use them according to the product directions and be aware that these products will not solve foundation leaks or other major issues as they are meant for minor dampness.

Inspect – Check the walls of the basement on a regular basis for possible gaps and cracks. Leakage can be more easily fixed and prevented if you locate the cracks while they are small. Dampness can be easily prevented with the use of waterproofing products for basement, well before things start to get out of your hands.

A proper basement waterproofing is always about prevention. Just follow the above mentioned tips to avoid substantial damages to your foundations, which could eventually lead to serious future costs.


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