Tips on DIY Raccoon Control

While raccoons look cute and gentle from afar, are actually are anything but cute and sweet when they have invaded your space. Not only have raccoons received a bad reputation for carrying rabies and a host of different parasites, they also come equipped with strong claws and capable teeth. You should never confront a raccoon because when animals such as raccoon, feel cornered or threatened, they often attack.

Being nocturnal, it is unlikely that you will spot the raccoon during the day. Generally – unless they are sick – raccoons will hide away during the daylight hours and sleep until night has fallen. If you do see raccoons around your home, especially during the day, you should contact a wildlife control company immediately. Additionally, rules regarding the removal of raccoons and other animals are often regulated by the local authorities. It is always a good idea to check with a West Palm Beach pest control company or with regulatory organizations before trying to get rid of the raccoon on your own.

Once you have looked into the rules and regulations, you might try the following methods. Begin by addressing the things that are known to deter the animals. For instance, human beings are avoided, so while they may live in your attic, they don’t like you. Use this to your advantage. Record your own voice or play talk radio near their nesting location. Also, because they avoid bright lights, keeping lights on in the area can further deter the raccoon and send him out to find a new nesting place. Driving him away without confrontation or trapping is the best possible solution.

While raccoons will make a mess when getting into trash cans for food, they actually do not live dirty. They intentionally move away from their nest to urinate. Squirting the surrounding area with ammonia can give the impression that the nest has been urinated on and they will want to move out. Be sure that both mother and babies leave the premises.

If these fixes do not make them leave, then it is time to reach out to a nuisance wildlife control services company or pest control company. These trained professionals will have the experience and tools needed to get the creatures out and in the most humane way possible.

However, getting them out is only half of the problem. Gulfstream Environmental Services recommends taking preventative measures to ensure the problem does not recur. Cover any openings that might be accessed by the animals after the animals are out. Be sure that you don’t trap them in, as you do not want a rotting body in your home. Even holes behind the siding are risky because raccoons are able to pry things open quite easily. It is better to seal the holes or cover them with wood or wire mesh. If you find that raccoons continue to appear around your garbage cans, consider using the same tricks listed above, such as squirting them with ammonia to deter the animals.


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