Unique Wedding Decorations and Favors

Traditional weddings have always been an elegant and classic choice. Some couples, however, prefer to have a more unique and personalized wedding; one that matches their style and personality. Adding unique decorations and wedding favors helps your guests feel like they’ve attended a truly special and personalized day, a day they won’t confuse with any other. The best part about adding these touches to your reception and ceremony is that you can control just how personalized your day will be. Here are just a few ways to make your special day “uniquely you”:

Unique Ceremony Ideas – Your ceremony can be as unique as you want. While it’s traditional to seat your guests for the ceremony, you can still have fun with it! Instead of the stage and one-directional row of seating, you can create a circular stage with 180 degree view. You can switch up the seating to match your theme—if you’re doing a barn yard or shabby chic wedding idea, you could use barrels or bushels of hay for seating. Traditionally, a stage will be filled with flowers, but you can switch it up with unique lighting, candle displays or beautiful artwork.

Unique Reception Ideas – Unique wedding ideas can help cut the costs of a traditional wedding. Instead of doing a live band, a full dinner and a cake, you can create your own playlist, serve a lighter meal and create a snack or dessert bar. Your reception can be whatever you make it! Some couples will do a festive brunch or a less traditional hors d’oeuvres hour and a candy or dessert bar could easily eliminate the need for a cake. Instead of renting a photobooth, you could order a custom banner as a backdrop and provide fun props for your guests to take pictures with. Not only does it reduce the cost, but guests can get more creative without the confines of a booth!

Unique Wedding Favors – Unique wedding favors are always fun to receive as a guest and its also your chance to shine as the hosts. Instead of a standard candle set or picture frame, you can give truly personalized gifts to help your guests remember this special day. If your groom is a poker fan, you could give a personalized deck of cards, or if you enjoy baking you can gift heart-shaped measuring spoons or cookie cutters. If you’ve decided to go with a candy or dessert bar theme to your wedding, send your guests home with their own ice cream scoop and personalized candy jars. Whatever you decide, it’s always fun to make your wedding your own!

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