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Whatever flowers you settle on, working with a reliable florist is essential. If your florist fails to meet their contractual obligations on your big day and your centre pieces suffer as a result, your wedding insurance policy should be able to offer compensation.

At their best, flowers create an enchanting atmosphere and an enjoyable talking point, but at their worst they can make conversation impossible. If your table decorations block your guests’ view of each other they could kill the mood rather than enhance it.

One solution to this problem is to create low-lying flower arrangements. You could opt for a particularly stout bunch of flowers or you could place an attractive glass bowl in the centre of each table and fill it with floating candles and attractive blooms. Gerbera’s, water lilies and chrysanthemums all float gracefully in the water. Why not see if your florist has any ideas along these lines to create a stunning and affordable centrepiece.

In the UK, couples spend an average of £520 on wedding flowers.[1] Floating flower bowls can help to keep floral costs down, so if money is a concern, then smaller, shorter options could be good for your budget.

If the idea of short bouquets and floating flower bowls doesn’t appeal, you could opt for flower arrangements with height. Tall, thin, elegant vases rise above the eye-line of your guests, creating an incredible impact without blocking your guests’ views.

If money is no object, and you’re looking for something spectacular, you could create a canopy effect. Specialist florists are able to create arrangements that rise from the centre of each table like sturdy vines and then spread out to form a structured canopy above the heads of your guests. A variety of blooms can be woven into this structure, but vine flowers work particularly well. They can be packed tightly or left to curl and dangle from the main body of the canopy like exotic jungle creepers.

Table decorations can transform the blandest wedding venue into an enchanting, romantic space. If you have trouble with your florist or your flowers, reputable wedding insurance can offer you financial protection and with the peace of mind this brings, you can start selecting a centrepiece. Whether the arrangement you settle on towers above your guests or lies low, it’s sure to spark conversation.

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